Easy Oil Change

Author's Note:  I recommend changing the oil at least every 3,000 miles or six months, whichever comes, first. I personally prefer to change the oil in my Ferrari 308 about every three months (usually less than 1000 miles.)  The oil change is very inexpensive, it can be done in less than 30 minutes, and I barely get my hands dirty.

I recommend changing the oil filter every 6,000 miles, and no earlier. A used oil filter can actually do a better job filtering since the tiny holes that a new filter has must get clogged before it can become as effective as a used one.

Tools needed:  A LiquidVac.  For $50, this is the best product I have ever purchased for my automobiles.  It can be used to vacuum out the coolant out of the coolant reservoir and on my other other cars, I use it to quickly change the automatic transmission fluid, the power steering fluid, and the engine oil.

Drive the car at least 15 minutes to warm the engine. The hotter the better.

Pop the engine compartment hood.

Pull out the dipstick.

Insert the tube from the LiquidVac.  Squeeze the tube clamp to allow you to pump up the LiquidVac.  Pump up the LiquidVac.

Release the tube clamp and let the LiquidVac pump out the oil.  

Once the oil is vacuumed out of the engine, pour you old oil into a plastic containers. Clear plastic gallon milk containers work well.  It takes two containers for my 308.

Add the new oil to the proper level.

Check the oil level.   If the level is too low, add the correct amount of oil. If the level is too high, vacuum a small amount of oil back out. Recheck the level.

Most auto parts stores participate in an oil recycling program.  Please dispose properly.