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Miles McAndrew took this photo of Gilles at the '78 Gran Prix, Watkins Glen.

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Miles McAndrew took this photo of a 330LMB at Lime Rock, circa 1987.   Owned at the time by Carl Conway.

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Miles McAndrew took this photo of the Penske-Sunoco 512M at the historic races during the '78 GP weekend at the Glen.

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Miles McAndrew sitting in Gilles Villeneuve's F-1 car in the Ferrari Factory Lobby.

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Miles took this photo of Gilles Villeneuve talking with teammate Carlos Reutemann (immediate right) and other team members. '78 Watkins Glen GP.

Paul Newman and a 365 GTB/4 Daytona. You can see the Ferrari door plate near the bottom of the picture.

Johannes driving his Testarossa at 177 mph (283 km/h) on the Autobahn in Germany. Peter Mikhail took the picture. Look closely at the speedometer.

Aaron Ogus driving his Ferrari 348 at top speed in 4th gear. (Of course, 5th gear goes considerably faster.)


Miles McAndrew's 308gt4/COMP (yellow) and a Ferrari Tiga at the Glen in 1990. 

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Mitsubishi flew through the air.  It appears the people walked away. 

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